The chicken looks delicious. And I just signed up for the newsletter, so count me in.



I love virgin coconut oil, and buy it at the local health food store (no shipping charges that way). You can buy coconut oil that has the smell and taste of coconut "refined" out of it - that way your chocolate chip cookies don't taste like coconut - but make sure it's been expeller pressed and not refined with chemicals (unlikely if you're getting it at the health food store).

Now I am going to make this recipe because it looks delicious!!



I'm not a big fan of coconut but that does look good. Hmmm, the two flavors of coconut and chicken together...........hmmmm.


Ginny Marie

I was wondering if Princess Nagger liked this recipe. I would love it, but I'm not sure about my two picky eaters! (Of course, I'll make it anyway! :)


Cheap Stickers

wao i love the coconut chicken its looks so yummy thanks for sharing the recipe. i must try it.


Motorcycle Clothing

its looking so yummy.... wao... thanks for sharing this with us.


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